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Please note that since issue no. 20, “traverser/crossing,” Intermediality has become an online journal, published in three electronic formats: HTML, PDF, and EPUB.

All issues published by Intermediality are available in open access twelve months after the original upload date. However, if you are a member of one of our institutional subscribers, you can access the latest issues through your university or library.

If you are not a member of one of our institutional subscribers, you can choose to subscribe individually. The subscription gives you access to our latest issues on Érudit and to the electronic book format (EPUB) of individual issues. Please note that, for a limited time, if you opt for a 4-year subscription you will also receive our full collection of print issues (nos. 1–20). To take advantage of this offer and/or subscribe individually, please contact us at

Price – individual subscription and EPUB (Canadian dollars)
Electronic book (EPUB) 12,00 $/issue
Annual subscription (2 issues) 22,00 $
2-year subscription 40,00 $
3-year subscription 55,00 $
4-year subscription 75,00 $


You can purchase an e-book copy of our recent issues (no. 21 and onwards) or a print copy of one of our early issues (nos. 1–20). By choosing this option you will be directly supporting the journal and its team, and your contribution to the development of Intermediality will be much appreciated!

PRINT ISSUES (nos. 1–20)

The first twenty issues of the journal are available in print. Although you can read all articles on Érudit in PDF format free of charge, by purchasing a paper copy of an issue you will also have access to the “Guest Artist” rubric of the journal, available only in print.

You can purchase individual copies on the website of Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal or you can contact us directly for a reduced-price offer on the entire collection of twenty print issues.

ELECTRONIC FORMATS (issue no. 21 and onwards)

If you would like to purchase one of our recent issues in EPUB format, please visit the electronic vault ANEL-De Marque.


All authors and contributors, including peer reviewers, are offered a 1-year individual subscription to Érudit’s platform. If you have recently contributed to the journal, but you are having trouble logging in with your e-mail address, please reset your password here.