Guidelines and documents

The Publication Process

Please read the following guidelines carefully and send us the requested documents as soon as possible. You will find the links to all the forms as well as to the journal’s editorial policy at the bottom of this page.

Copyright Grant Form

In view of a forthcoming publication, we kindly ask you to grant us the copyright of your article and, if applicable, the reproduction rights for artworks or other materials that you might like to use in your essay (still images, audio or audiovisual excerpts, etc.). Please fill in, sign, and return to us the form, which you will find below.

The granting of copyright is a common practice for Canadian and North American publications, which allows Intermediality to disseminate the published articles on its website and on the Érudit online platform, as well as to include them in various electronic databases, in accordance with current legislation.

Artwork guidelines

If you wish to use artworks in your article (still images, audio or audiovisual excerpts, etc.), please send them to us as files with high-quality resolution and indicate the exact place where you would like to see them in your text. We also ask you to specify, for each artwork, the caption and information concerning its reproduction rights, in conformity with our referencing policy, which is outlined below.

Reproduction rights for artworks (still images, audio or audiovisual extracts, etc.)

We remind you that, in accordance with clause (e) of the document “Granting of Copyright,” it is the authors’ responsibility to obtain from the rights holders the rights to the artworks that they would like to use in their article (with the exception of documents or artworks that are part of the public domain in Canada). If necessary, we might ask you to send us proof that you have obtained such rights from the copyright holders or their representatives.

Abstracts and bio-bibliographic note

We ask you to send us an abstract of your article in French and in English (5 lines each) and a short bio-bibliographic note (5 lines), which will be added to the end of your article.

Submission Guidelines

We request that all articles submitted to Intermediality conform to the journal’s submission guidelines in order to facilitate the work of evaluation and page layout. Please note that articles written in French should follow the respective French-language guidelines.


Downloadable documents :

Submission guidelines for articles written in French

Submission guidelines for articles written in English

Concession of royalties form (french)

Concession of royalties form (english)

Concession of image reproduction rights form (french)

Concession of image reproduction rights form (english)