This special issue of Intermédialités/Intermediality considers the relationship between media, time, and forms of cultural and artistic expression, starting from a basic position: All forms of mediated communication can be understood in terms of space and time. Genres of cultural content, the capacity that many devices have to freeze time or play it reverse, how we have come to conceive of a variety of developments associated with digital culture, all these elements are intimately tied up with ideas about time. When thinking about 24-hour news channels or planned obsolescence, we have the idea that time is rendered both by and through media technologies. Hence, the contributions to this issue engage with an exciting and longstanding research theme that mixes philosophy and media and film studies with work from history, geography, women and gender studies, and the expansive field of environment and ecological studies. In response to two articles of this issue, a special file on William Basinski’s work, including an interview with the artist, examines the relationship between the media and the restitution of time at the heart of musical practice.


Introduction. Rendering (Time)

Vincent Bouchard (Indiana University)

Ira Wagman (Carleton University)


Temporaliser la photographie : Marker, Varda, Wenders–Salgado

Antoine Constantin Caille (chercheur indépendant)

Anarchival Images: The Labour of Chronic Collage

Alanna Thain (McGill University)

Du document aux flux : sites et temporalité(s) de quelques oeuvres d’art

Suzanne Paquet (Université de Montréal)

Film-théâtre, intermédialité et nouveaux enjeux esthétiques

Sandrine Siméon (Soka University of America)

Mémoire et affect dans les recontextualisations multimédiatiques de chansons populaires : autour de Fortunate Son de Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) (1969)

Andréane Morin-Simard (Université de Montréal)

Volume-Image: The Future as Memory in Thierry Kuntzel’s Video Installation The Waves (2003)

Anaïs Nony (University of Fort Hare)


Making Memories: Time and Responsibility in Intermedial Metatheatre

Lowell Gasoi (Carleton University)

File — essays on William Basinski

(De)compositions: Time and Technology in William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops (2002)

Jakko Kemper (University of Amsterdam)

Repetition, Feedback, and Temporality in Two Compositions by William Basinski

David Christopher Jackson (Carleton University)

Guest Artist

Rendering Time (Basinski): an Interview with William Basinski

André Habib et Charlotte Brady-Savignac (Université de Montréal)

Restituer le temps (Basinski) : une capsule sonore

Realisation: Quentin Ducados (Université de Montréal), with the help of Maude Trottier (Université de Montréal)