This issue of Intermédialités/Intermediality aims to reconsider the limits and possibilities of border as metaphor in light of the shifting theoretical insights offered by the European border experiment (from the 1993 Schengen agreement to Brexit), the continual and/or resurgent instability of border spaces in authoritarian contexts and war zones, as well as hemispheric perspectives from across the Americas. The range of sites and practices discussed in this issue reveals the ubiquitous nature of bordering practices that have been developed through colonial histories, refined through nation-states, and perfected in surveillance cultures. The essays and artists’ projects collected extend and multiply the sites of borders and bordering practices, pulling them away from their immediate geopolitical roles by probing how and where they are felt and sensed.



Michael Darroch, Karen Engle, Lee Rodney (University of Windsor)


Intentional Solidarity as a Decolonization Practice

Jane Ku (University of Windsor)

Border Ethics: Translation and Planetarity in Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Avishek Ganguly (Rhode Island School of Design)

Do borders make us safer? An Intermedial Pedagogy for Sensing Communities of Shared Fate

Erin Goheen Glanville (Simon Fraser University)

Between Security and Spectatorship: the Media of Transnational Mobility at Canadian Airports

Sydney Hart (Queen’s University)

Sensing the Border at Roxham Road

Gwendolyne Cressman (Université de Strasbourg)

Dire/Ressentir les frontières sur la scène intermédiale

Emmanuel Béhague (Université de Strasbourg)

On Bodily Absence in Humanitarian Multis-Sensory VR

Eszter Zimanyi and Emma Ben Ayoun (University of Southern California)

Visualizing Lake Ontario through the Installations of Bonnie Devine and Nicole Clouston

Gwen MacGregor (University of Toronto)

Trajectoires frontalières : exploration de quelques dynamiques paradoxales de l’ambiance colonial

Olivier Bissonnette Lavoie (Université de Montréal)

Le slam-poésie dans l’espace camerounais francophone : formes, réceptions et postures

Cynthia Amanguéné Ambiana (Université de Yaoundé I)


Strata-Mapping the Detroit River Border with the Hamilton Perambulatory Unit

Taien Ng-Chan (York University)

Guest Artists

Talysha Bujold-Abu, “Unnatural, This Step” (2020)

Sahar Te, “Tales of an Ancient Whisperer” (2018)