This issue of Intermedialities proposes to examine the dynamic relationship between forms of concealment and forms of detection. Its premise is that the domain of the hidden, and the ways of (self)concealment, are constructed in synergy with the ways of perceiving, interpreting, judging and tracking down that are specific to a given context and time. As a strategy, concealing responds to a range of needs: to protect that which is sensitive, to retain a strategic advantage, to deceive, to avoid social disapproval or sanctions. Thus, the art of disguise evolves with the advancement of technology, but also according to the development of social norms and relations of power. The contributions in this special issue address the logics of concealment from the point of view of digital media, cultural studies, cinema, photography, and literature. Some adopt a historical perspective in order to shed light on the development of these forms, while others focus on elucidating the logics, tensions, and paradoxes of the contemporary world.


Introduction: The Mediality of Concealment: Material Practices and Symbolic Operativity

Nathalie Casemajor, Sophie Toupin


Voyage sous « Goyave », entre autres clefs d’accès de biais à l’univers romanesque de Yodi Karone

Blaise Tsoualla (Université de Buéa)

“Imprisoned Photographs”: The Looted Archive of Photo Rissas (Rassas)—Ibrahim and Chalil (Khalil) Rissas

Rona Sela (The David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University)

Prises de vue clandestines comme exercice du (contre)pouvoir de l’art : Trevor Paglen et Mohamed Bourouissa reprennent le contrôle du visible 

Katrin Gattinger (Université de Strasbourg)

Les gueules cassées ou l’éthique de l’écran crevé : du masque au visage cinématographique

Karine Chevalier (Université de Roehampton) 

Inhabiting the Profile: Zach Blas’s Facial Weaponization Suite

Sebastian Althoff (Institute for Media Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum)

Hiding from whom? Threat-models and in-the-making encryption technologies

Ksenia Ermoshina & Francesca Musiani (CNRS/CIS)

Storing Authenticity at the Surface and into the Depths: Securing Paper with Human and Machine Readable Devices

Aleksandra Kaminska (Université de Montréal)


Surveillant Intimacies

Mél Hogan (Department of Communication, Media and Film, University of Calgary)

Guest Artist

Caché-e – Away from Keyboard

Julie Morel