Nostalgia—that obscure neologism created by a Swiss student of medicine at the end of the 17th Century—has perhaps never been more fashionable. Its popularity both within academia and in the public sphere over the past twenty years has many causes, including, most certainly, its polymorphous, plural quality. Depending on the context in which it is pronounced, described and felt, it can be perceived either as a malady or a remedy, as regressive or progressive, as a conservative refuge or a mode of resistance,  as a marketing strategy or an ideal topic for a conference. This variety of forms, medial modalities and definitions in diverse areas or disciplines (cinema, television studies, videogames, popular music, photography, art history, anthropology, literature, psychology, economy) also lends itself to a journal like Intermedialities. By thinking about nostalgia intermedially, the articles in this issue turn our attention towards the interactions between the material supports that mediate it and the wounds it evokes or cures, the artistic works it inspires, the temporalities it mobilizes. Returning (nostalgia) is hence not limited to exploring the many returns that nostalgia implies, but also the different ways it can be turned (on its head so to speak) to show its fabric and its fringes, and the borders, often porous, it shares with other affects (melancholia, sadness, regret). Our desire to return to nostalgia is not to be done with it once and for all, but rather to try to describe the variety of its positions, its multiple embodiments, and the many paths of thought it invites us to recover, yet again.


Introduction. Retour vers la nostalgie

André Habib, Université de Montréal


Sculpting Nostalgia: Daniel Arsham, Alicja Kwade, and Kathleen Ryan

Cabelle Ahn, Harvard University


Analog Desires: On Stranger Things and the Logics of Nostalgia

Louis-Paul Willis, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue


Returning “Home”? or Dwelling in the Pixel Age: On Invader’s Intermedial Space Invasion

Julie Gaillard, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


La nostalgie comme faux héritage : maisons, cinéma et migration

Ouennassa Khiari, Université de Montréal


Nostalgia, Recursivity, and the Re-Performance of Structural Film

Christian Whitworth (Stanford University


« It’s you and me, Norman. It has always been you and me » : deuil, mélancolie et nostalgie dans Bates Motel

Julie Beaulieu, Université Laval

Aurélien Cibilleau, Université Laval

Anne-Sophie Gravel, Université Laval


Bâtir le théâtre, désamorcer la mélancolie. L’élan créateur chez Charlotte Salomon

Sarah Labelle, Université de Montréal


Tristezza Siderurgica

Jasmine C. Pisapia, McGill University


To begin, over again. Dix-huit accès à The Photographer de David Tomas ou comment orner un cadavre de façon opportune?

Sophie Bélair Clément, Université du Québec en Outaouais

Guest Artist

Y retourner, revisiter. Michel Campeau et The Americans

Suzanne Paquet, Université de Montréal


Among Different Media: Gerhard Richter’s Landscape and its Medial Exchanges

Anthi-Danaé Spathoni, Musée d’Art Moderne Centre Pompidou